#GLAGUIDE Manila with Stephanie Uy

Stephanie Uy was born and raised in the Philippines. She was a graphic and web designer before she started Karpos Multimedia, an events and content marketing company in the country together with her siblings.

She had been managing the artist liaison and events department of Karpos Multimedia for 7 years — dealing with notable international music acts and mounting big events. She is also one of the founders of the longest-running premier music and arts festival in the Philippines, Wanderland Music & Arts Fesitval.

Her personal life revolves around music, traveling the world, watching concerts, exploring art & design and binge-watching Asian Dramas and films.

1. Hi Stephanie! Where in Manila do you stay and what are three things you love about your neighborhood?

I live in the south side of Metro Manila, Las-Pinas city my whole life. What I love about the neighborhood is that the vibe is pretty chill and people have a simple lifestyle. There’s a lot of restaurants and service-based shops with good price points and everything that I need is conveniently within my reach. Lastly, the neighborhood has a lot of road shortcuts that lead to the main highways of Metro Manila so I don’t have a problem going to other places or I don’t experience traffic that much. Also, it is beside the newly built Entertainment City.

2. Where is your favorite weekend getaway spot in the Philippines?

When I go on a road trip with my family or friends, we usually go to Tagaytay because it’s convenient and it’s one of the coldest towns in the Philippines. Tagaytay is surrounded by mountains and overlooks Taal Lake with views of Taal Volcano. Also La Union! My brothers are putting up a hostel Funky Quarters there. It’s the surfing capital on the north side of the Philippines and lately, it’s been the popular getaway place of the young ones. There’s a lot of cool restaurants and chill spots.

3. Where is your favorite place to watch live music?

Well, I’m a homebody person and I rarely go out. So, I only get to watch gigs when we have a show or when I support other promoter’s events.

But if you want to enjoy live music with your friends, I recommend our monthly concert series called Karpos Live, a concert series that uplifts homegrown acts + presents international acts + gives people a damn good time. This month of August, we’re having Tom Misch & Vancouver Sleep Clinic!

4. What is your favorite Filipino dish and where serves it best?

Bulalo – Bone Marrow Stew!! (Bulalo is a Filipino boiled stew made from beef shanks and marrow bones) AHHHHHHHHHHH craving now! The best places where you can get Bulalo are usually located in Tagaytay City. But you can also get it at any Filipino restaurants in the Metro.

5. What is the most exciting thing happening in fashion / music / art / f&b in Manila?

Filipinos are now more appreciative towards homegrown brands in fashion, music, and arts than before.

Music: Of course! No other than our own music festival, Wanderland. We’ve been doing this festival for 7 years already. I’m proud to say that it’s been the longest-running premier music festival in the country. Locals make sure not to miss Wanderland every year.

I have also notice that there’s a lot of interest in local acts and their gigs especially when we launched our annual battle of the bands called Wanderband. Winners of Wanderland gets the opportunity to perform in Wanderland.

Art: One of the highlights in the Art Scene is the opening of the National Museum of Natural History to the public. There had been a lot of articles and social media posts online showcasing its architectural design, aesthetics, and artifacts.

F&B: Lately, it has been exciting having food trips with your friends/family because there’s a lot of new restaurants to choose from —May it be a famous international chain, homegrown or a cool specialty cafe.

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