#GLAGUIDE Bangkok with Maarten Goetheer

In the past 10 years, DJ Maarten Goetheer has positioned himself as a stalwart of the Asian Dance Industry. From his residency at Hong Kong’s KEE club to his role as the in-house Booker for Bangkok’s new underground temple BEAM. Maarten Goetheer is on the frontlines of Quality Dance Music.

We grilled the Dutchman about his personal local haunts of Bangkok. Be prepared to re-discover the city like you’ve never before.

1. How long have you been staying in Bangkok, and what made you move?
I moved here 3 years ago from Hong Kong when the former owner of KEE club asked me to start a new project called VOGUE Lounge.

2. Top 3 favourite things about your neighbourhood.
I live in Bang Rak a lesser known neighbourhood next to Chinatown. I love it for its incredible street food (Fresh fruit, Fresh Papaya Salad, and Coconut Juice within arms reach, super friendly neighbourhood vibe, people are always up for a laugh and have the Thai “Sabai Sabai” attitude where they take every day as it comes. While I live in Central Bangkok the neighbourhood still feels quiet and I can really come home and relax.

3. Best place to go for food at 4 am on a Friday night.
Foodland in Pat Pong is one of those 24hour places where you can order anything from Fried Noodles, Won Ton Soup to (a terrible) cheeseburger or a simple ham and cheese toastie. A lot of late night revellers end up here after a night out to suss out their munchies. I once famously fell asleep on my burger, which some friendly fellow clubbers put on Facebook the next day. I found out through mutual friends. Ouch.

4. Best place to go after rolling out of bed at 3 pm on a Saturday.
I love to go to Lumpini Park, besides the enormous monitor Lizards roaming freely throughout the park, you can find old people doing Tai Chi, Thai kids playing Sepak Takraw (a highly acrobatic mix of soccer and volleybal) and people from all walks of life enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

5. First date – where would you take her?
I would bring her to VOGUE Lounge! We have built a lovely al fresco terrace space in the middle of CBD with amazing cocktails and of course great live DJ’s to create a super cosy atmosphere. The booths are all quite private so you might have a chance to get lucky on that first date haha.

6. Adding a little music spice to the mix – up and coming Bangkok artists to look out for?
There is a lot of talent in this city and I love the fact that there is an abundance of non-commercial events and artists. Look out for Juice Willis, Gao Lao, Marmosets (killer Modular Live techno set) local hero Nanziee (who has just opened a great record store called Vinyl Feeling) and DJ Aopsher who is the local king of smooth rap and classic R&B.

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