#GLAGUIDE Jakarta with Kevin Wiyarnanda (Ismaya Live)

Music festivals have always been a familiar environment for Jakarta-native Kevin Wiyarnanda, who admits that he owes most of the fun in his college years back in Singapore to the numerous music festivals and gigs that he attended (and that he sneaked into as well).

Fast forward to today, Kevin now organizes international-scale music festivals all year round with 14 of his teammates in Ismaya Live delivering incredible music festival experiences for everyone around the world. Aside from his daytime job, Kevin makes music under the alias ‘VVYND’ (pronounced: vwind) and has a song out called ‘Overload’ that has been played in radio stations across Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand apart from being featured on numerous Spotify-curated playlists.

1. What neighborhood do you stay in and what are 3 great things about it?
I live in a neighborhood called Kemang in South Jakarta which is basically the entertainment district of Jakarta where you can find some of the hippest restaurants, cafes, bistros, coffeeshops in town. Name any kind of cuisine and Kemang has it all! From the street vendors to the fancy ones. You’ll never be hungry when you’re in Kemang. In fact, there will be times when you are simply confused on where to eat! So that’s one.

Second would be the Aksara bookshop that houses a mini cinema called Kinosaurus. They screen a wide range of independent films and short films from around the world that you can’t find in major cinemas here in Jakarta. The casual cafe setting of the screening room gives you a unique experience because you can choose to sit on a bean bag, a couch or a chair. All while enjoying a cup of coffee or some bread from the Ruang Seduh coffeeshop right outside of Kinosaurus.

Last but not least would be the numerous activities you can do with your friends, family or even loved one(s) which include attending a baking class at Animo Bakery, checking out cool arts exhibition at the Dia.Lo.Gue Gallery, battling your friends in a game of laser tag or laser golf at Laser Game Indonesia, and many more! Wow, answering this question makes me realize how much I love my neighborhood!

2. Where is your favorite place to buy sneakers?
You can never go wrong with The Goods Dept.

3. Best place to take somebody on a first date?
The musical fountain plaza at Plaza Senayan! It’s an awesome open space next to the popular Plaza Senayan shopping mall and I must say that it’s a gem in the skyscraper-filled Jakarta. At night, the fountain lights up as it dances to different tunes. Sit under one of the large oak trees in the plaza while enjoying a cup of coffee or latte from the nearby Starbucks as you feel the night breeze around you. If your date doesn’t like, it’s a deal breaker for sure. HAHA.

4. Favorite iconic Indonesian dish and who makes it best?
Martabak Manis by Martabak Boss!

5. Favorite rising Indonesian artist?
My cousin, Emir Hermono <3

(Check out Emir’s music video, “021” ft. A. Nayaka & Rayi Putra here)

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