#GLAGUIDE Mumbai with Sohail Arora

Sohail Arora is the founder/director of KRUNK ), India’s finest Events, Artist Management & Booking Agency based out of Mumbai. As an artist, Sohail has been a full – time member of the Mumbai-based BBC (Bay Beat Collective) for many years. Sohail also plays under his solo moniker EZ Riser which focusses on a much more melodic sound of electronic music with influences ranging from J Dilla, Flako, Cashmere Cat, Romare, Dorian Concept & many more.

Let’s check out what’s exciting in Mumbai with Sohail Arora!

1. Hi Sohail! Where in Mumbai do you live and what do you love most about your neighborhood?

I live in Bandra, Mumbai which is the cultural hub of the city. It’s the perfect melting pot for people from the creative industry to work together and inspire each other.

It is also the place where all musical experiments start from and have always been home for many people from the creative industry. Bandra also has the most number of live clubs and venues in the city.

2. Where is the best place to catch good tunes on a Friday evening?

a ntiSOCIAL , Khar / Bonobo, Bandra / Summer House Cafe, Lower Parel

3. What is the best free thing to do in Mumbai?

Nothing is free. Mumbai is an expensive city, but if you still want to know then go to carter road, watch the sunset and watch people jam.

4. Where would you take somebody on a second date?

For a play, a concert, my fav coffee joint, Japanese food and home to watch some films.

5. Whats the most exciting thing right now about the Mumbai music scene?

A lot of amazing international artists have made Mumbai their hub in Asia. Also, you can find all sorts of music in the city during the weekend from Jazz to Bass, Techno, and House.

Since Mumbai is a hub for musicians, one can witness a lot of interesting collaborations. Many of the gigs that happen in the city can be compared to the ones that happen in London and New York.

Check out Sohail’s mixes here.

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